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MNN News and Opportunities

The Fifth International Conference on Mathematical NeuroScience (ICMNS) will be held in Copenhagen Denmark June 23 - June 26, 2019. (04 October 2018)

The Third International Conference on Mathematical NeuroScience (ICMNS) will be held in Boulder Colarado May 30 - June 2, 2017. (20 September 2016)

The Second International Conference on Mathematical NeuroScience (ICMNS) will be held at the Congress Center in Juan-les-Pins, on the French Riviera, May 29 - June 2, 2016. (09 November 2015)

The International Conference on System Level approaches to Neural Engineering will be held in Barcelona, Spain September 21st – 23rd, 2015. Submission opens: 1st of March 2015 and closes: 30th May 2015. (3 March 2015)

The First International Conference on Mathematical NeuroScience (ICMNS) will be held at the Congress Center in Juan-les-Pins, on the French Riviera, June 8 - 10, 2015. (29 September 2014)

CoSyDy meeting / MIR@W day on Complex Dynamics in Neuroscience. Monday 2 June 2014, Warwick, UK. (11 May 2014)

International Workshop on Neurodynamics, Castro-Urdiales, Spain, July 14 - 17, 2014. (10 February 2014)

The aim of this workshop is to present an overview of successful achievements in this rapidly developing collaborative field by putting together different types of applications of nonlinear dynamics (geometrical tools in dynamical systems, numerical methods, computational schemes, dynamical measures,...) to different problems in neuroscience (mononeuronal dynamics, network activity, cognitive problems,...).. Registration deadline is 31st March 2014.

3rd International Conference on Neural Field Theory, University of Reading, June 16 - 18, 2014. (19 Dec 2013)

The 3rd International Conference on Neural Field Theory follows a highly successful series of conferences which took place in 2010 and 2012 at the University of Reading. Registration deadline is April 15th 2014.

The Mathematics of Brain Dynamics, Birmingham 8th April 2014. (15 Dec 2013)

This is the first announcement of a one-day meeting, "The Mathematics of Brain Dynamics", to be held in the School of Mathematics at the University of Birmingham on Tuesday 8th April 2014. The focus of the meeting will be on the important role that mathematics has to play in determining the functional roles of brain oscillations and rhythms.

Neural Engineering Transformative Technologies: NETT 2013, July 1-6 (24 Jan 2013)

This one week conference will bring together international experts to discuss the state of the art in the field of Neural Engineering. It will also include a number of tutorial presentations for those new to the field as well as presentations from industrial companies including National Instruments, Brain Products and BitBrain. Deadline 3 May 2013.

Nottingham Neural Engineering Workshop April 15-26, 2013 (24 Jan 2013)

Neural Engineering is an inherently new discipline that brings together engineering, physics, neuroscience and mathematics to design and develop brain-computer interface systems, cognitive computers and neural prosthetics. This two week workshop, primarily aimed at younger researchers, will bring together experts in these key areas to introduce and discuss concepts that underpin current research in Neural Engineering. Deadline 1 Mar 2013.

Neurodynamics: a workshop on heterogeneity, noise, delays, and plasticity in neural systems: 5-7 Mar 2012, Edinburgh. (16 October 2011)

Registration now open (closes Jan 6 2012). The meeting will consist of invited speakers and registered participants, though will be limited to 100 people. The schedule will allow for a number of poster presentations.

Five postdoc positions at INRIA in the NeuroMathComp group (30 August 2011)

The NeuroMathComp group is part of INRIA and CNRS, two major government French Research Institutes. Members of the group are actively conducting research in mathematical and computational neuroscience. The group is funded through several European grants (BrainScales, ERC NerVi, Keops, FACETS-ITN).

MBI Emphasis Year on Mathematical Neuroscience July 2012 - June 2013 (29 August 2011)

In 2012-13 MBI will return to mathematical neuroscience, which was the subject of its first emphasis year in 2002-3. Over the past decade, mathematics has entered new subfields of neuroscience, and has begun to suggest unexpected parallels among others. We will open the emphasis year with a workshop focusing on such parallels, in the form of general challenges posed by dynamics of nonlinear, spiking networks, and will organize a series of workshops to follow that will highlight mathematical impact and possibilities in the most active and exciting areas of neuroscience.

Lecturer in Mathematical Modelling of Biological Phenomena, Imperial College London - Department of Bioengineering (6 July 2011)

The Department of Bioengineering at Imperial College London wishes to appoint a Lecturer who will establish an international research profile in mathematical modelling of biological phenomena. Applicants must have a doctoral degree in mathematics or an appropriate science or engineering discipline. They should have knowledge and experience in the mathematical modelling of biological phenomena and in testing and refining their models by comparison with experimental data. Closing date: 31 October 2011

CIRM Semester on Theoretical, Mathematical and Computational Neuroscience, Marseille, France, October - December 2011 (1 July 2011)

The purpose of this semester is to present some of the relevant modern mathematical tools through short courses and to explore several facets of the current research through workshops. Registration now open.

Two Marie Curie Phds in Computational Neuroscience (1 June 2011)

based at the School of Mathematical Sciences, University of Nottingham, UK, are available to work on the projects: 1. Synthetic cognition in spiking neural networks. 2. Artificial recognition of sounds in complex scenes from auditory neuronal activity. Deadline 29 June 2012.

Postdoctoral Researcher in Mathematical Neuroscience (1 June 2011)

Applications are invited for the post of 'Marie Curie Actions Experienced Researcher' to work with Professor Stephen Coombes and Dr Noah Russell on a Marie Curie Initial Training Network funded project in Mathematical Neuroscience to underpin work at Nottingham, United Kingdom on Synthetic Cognition. Deadline 2 July 2012.

Computational Neuroscience and the Dynamics of Disease States, Leiden, Netherlands, 8-12 Aug 2011 (25 May 2011)

This workshop will bring together experimentalists and theorists to discuss the dynamics of brain disease states. Registration now open.

Workshop on calcium dynamics in neuronal and glial cells: experiments and models, Warwick, 4 April. (16 December 2010)

This workshop will focus on the important role of calcium in controlling a great variety of neuronal and glial processes and on the bidirectional communication between glia and neurons. It will bring together experimentalists and theoreticians working in the fields of neuroscience and cell biology for a critical discussion of recent results and future directions.

NeuroArts conference, Plymouth, 10-11 February. (16 December 2010)

To register (by 24th Jan) email:

4th Annual meeting of the UK Mathematical Neuroscience Network: 11-13 April 2011, Edinburgh. (10 December 2010)

Registration closed. This international conference will provide an overview of the current state of research in mathematical approaches to neuroscience, bringing together both physical and life scientists.

Announcing the new SpringerOpen journal: The Journal of Mathematical Neuroscience. (23 September 2010)

The Journal of Mathematical Neuroscience (JMN) is an open access, peer-reviewed online journal that publishes research articles on the mathematical modeling and analysis of all areas of neuroscience, i.e., the study of the nervous system and its dysfunctions. The focus is on using mathematics as the primary tool for elucidating the fundamental mechanisms responsible for experimentally observed behaviours in neuroscience at all relevant scales, from the molecular world to that of cognition.

Workshop on oscillation dynamics in neural and biochemical systems, Exeter, 30 September. (12 September 2010)

There will be a one-day hot-topic workshop at the University of Exeter, Harrison Building, on 30 September. This workshop will explore common methods for analysing oscillatory dynamics in neural and genetic networks.

TREES toolbox for Matlab (22 August 2010)

The TREES toolbox provides: i) tools to automatically reconstruct neuronal branching from microscopy image stacks and to generate synthetic axonal and dendritic trees, More ...

Research Associate in Computational Neuroscience, University of Sheffield (03 August 2010)

This post offers an outstanding opportunity to join a multidisciplinary research team developing novel mathematical and computational technologies for applications in neuroscience. Closing date 31st August 2010. More ...

Neurons to inspire future computers. (23 July 2010)

The way neurons communicate could inspire the next generation of computers ...

Physica D special issue: Mathematical Neuroscience. (18 March 2010)

Volume 239, Issue 9, Pages 475-578 (1 May 2010) Ed. S Coombes and Y Timofeeva.

Mathematical Neuroscience minisymposium as part of BAMC 2010: 6-9 April 2010, Edinburgh. (23 September 2009)

Speakers will be Jon Dawes, Peter Grindrod, John Terry and Yulia Timofeeva.

3rd Annual meeting of the UK Mathematical Neuroscience Network: 18-21 April 2010, Edinburgh. (08 September 2009)

Registration now open! This international conference will provide an overview of the current state of research in mathematical approaches to neuroscience, bringing together both physical and life scientists.

Mathematical Neuroscience: From Neurons to Networks. Online talk by Steve Coombes from the 2009 SIAM annual meeting. (06 Aug 2009)

Abstract: The tools of dynamical systems theory are having an increasing impact on our understanding of patterns of neural activity. In this talk I will describe how to build tractable tissue level models that maintain a strong link with biophysical reality. These models typically take the form of nonlinear integro-differential equations. Their non-local nature has led to the development of a set of analytical and numerical tools for the study of waves, bumps and patterns, based around natural extensions of those used for local differential equation models. Here I will present an overview of these techniques.

Registration open for BrainModes 2009, Bristol, 12 - 14 December 2009. (14 July 2009)

BrainModes is an annual meeting whose focus is to bring researchers from different backgrounds in the neurosciences together to understand the role of neural oscillations. The theme of this year's meeting is Neural Oscillations and Clinical Disorders, with four main themes: Epilepsy, Movement Disorders, Neuroendocrine Disorders and Neurodegenerative Disease. For further details visit

Workshop on Network Dynamics, Exeter, 15 July 2009. (13 May 2009)

The aim of the workshop is to bring together researchers in Network Dynamics. There will be lectures and short talks about new mathematical results in this field.

Intrinsic brain activity - from fMRI to mathematical models, University of Nottingham, 26 May, 2009. (6 May 2009)

enquiries to Jaroslav Hlinka (

The DIADEM Challenge. (15 April 2009)

This is a contest to develop tools for automating neuronal reconstruction with a cash prize of up to $75,000 for the qualifying winner.

Information transfer and causal network analysis in neuroscience, Brighton, 16 July, 2009. (26 March 2009)

enquiries to Simon Schultz (

Neural Coding and Computation Workshop 2009, University of Manchester, 8 September, 2009. (26 Mar 2009)

enquiries to Rasmus Petersen (

Quantitative Single-Neuron Modeling Competition 2009. (26 Mar 2009)

This competition offers a coherent framework to compare neuronal models and fitting methods.

Spike Train Analysis Network Dissemination Workshop 2009, Newcastle University, 2-3 April, 2009. (15 February 2009)

The Spike Train Analysis Network is holding a free Dissemination Workshop for PhD students and newly qualified post-docs, covering all the fundamentals of neural data analysis.

Workshop on Non-local neuronal connectivity, wave control and migraine modelling, Nottingham, UK: 9 Jan, 2009 (02 November 2008)

Registration open

2nd Annual meeting of the UK Mathematical Neuroscience Network: 22-25 Mar 2009, Edinburgh. (28 October 2008)

This international conference will provide an overview of the current state of research in mathematical approaches to neuroscience, bringing together both physical and life scientists.

Workshop on Computational Developmental Neuroscience, Edinburgh, UK: 26-27 November, 2008 (04 September 2008)

Registration open

DBS and Epilepsy workshop, University of Bristol, UK: Sept 16, 2008 (19 July 2008)

For more details and to register your interest, please contact Dr John Terry

Junior research fellowship scheme at Imperial College (19 July 2008)

in the areas of theoretical/experimental neuroscience or neurotechnology within the Dept. of Bioengineering. For further info contact Dr Simon Schultz

Three Lectureship posts in Neurotechnology at Imperial (19 July 2008)

in the departments of i) Bioengineering, ii) Computing, and iii) Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Closing date for applications is 15 December 2008. For further info contact Professor Ross Ethier, Head of Bioengineering Department

Nonlinear Neurodynamics Workshop, University of Exeter, UK: Sept 18-19, 2008 (20 May 2008)

For more details and to register your interest, please contact Prof Peter Ashwin

Conference Report for first annual meeting (12 May 2008)

Mathematical Neuroscience Edinburgh March 2008 Meeting Report

New Journal (06 March 2008)

Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience

MRC funded postdoc (21 February 2008)

... in the area of mathematical modelling applied to seizure prevention using deep brain stimulation, Bristol, Engineering Maths. Closing date 13 Mar 2008. More ...

MNN web site goes live (25 January 2008)

The first version of the MNN website was launched on 25 January 2008. Suggestions for additions or improvements are welcome.

MNN funded by the EPSRC (1 September 2007)

A Mathematical Neuroscience Network, MNN, has been funded by the EPSRC Mathematics panel.