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Training Workshop Tutorials

Lecture slides from the training workshops “An introduction to Mathematical Neuroscience” that took place prior to the Mathematical Neuroscience Conferences (MN-2008, MN-2009, MN-2010 and MN-2011) in Edinburgh.

Peter Ashwin (University of Exeter) Dynamical modelling of systems of coupled oscillators
Carson Chow (National Institutes of Health) Path integral methods for solving stochastic problems
Stephen Coombes (University of Nottingham) Dynamical models: from neural microcircuits to cortical regions ( also podcast from HBM 2008 )
Jon Peirce (University of Nottingham) Simple nonlinear models of V1 neurons. Click here for the associated Python Library.
Rasmus Petersen (University of Manchester) Decoding neuronal activity
Mark van Rossum (University of Edinburgh) Modeling synapses: Noise and dynamics
Yulia Timofeeva (University of Warwick) Single neuron models. Some lecture notes
Mark van Rossum (University of Edinburgh) Title
John Terry (University of Bristol) Applications of modelling clinically recorded datasets
Yulia Timofeeva (University of Warwick) Spatially extended models of single neurons: the role of dendrites.
Stephen Coombes (University of Nottingham) Mathematical Neuroscience: from neurons to networks ( also online talk from the 2009 SIAM annual meeting. )
Alex Roxin (Institut d'Investigacions Biomèdiques August Pi i Sunyer) From networks to normal forms: using reduced models to understand network dynamics. Supplementary material on Companion calculations for tutorial on reduced models.
Eric Shea-Brown (University of Washington) Introduction to correlated spiking in neural coding and dynamics
Bard Ermentrout (University of Pittsburgh) Neural reduction
John White (University of Utah) Techniques in Neurophysiology